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What is currently in the game:

  • Random generation of the world up to 20'000 blocks in length and 2000 in height (your choice, more in future).
  • Different zones (biomes).
  • Crafting system from dropdown list.
  • Day and night system with sun and moon.
  • Deep underground world with randomly generated dungeons, mineshafts, caves etc.
  • Other otherworldly worlds.
  • Fast system for saving and loading the world through buffers.
  • Cool dynamic lighting on shader system.

What is planned to add in the future:

  • Mobs residents and random quests that they will give you.
  • System of achievements.
  • Skill leveling system.
  • Water and lava physics.
  • Multiplayer. (In development now, almost working)

Some screenshots:

Simple oak wood biom:

Desert biom:

Development log

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